Take The BANISHING MAGICK Masterclass

An important step beyond protecting yourself magickally is banishing harmful people and situations away from you.
Learn how to banish!

This Banishing Masterclass covers:

  • Protecting Yourself Magickally
  • How to Make Banishing Oils & Powders
  • Stop Gossip Spell
  • Hot Foot Spell
  • Banish Uninvited Spirits

    This masterclass is hosted on Teachable, and you have lifetime access to the masterclass. Purchase of this video masterclass also includes a workbook, and membership in Marie Lizzeau's Queen Up Club on Facebook

ONLY $47


Is It Possible To Learn Magickal Confidence?  

If you are reading this page you may be wondering how to use magick to manifest something that you want. Or perhaps you haven't had a lot of success, or you're not sure where to start. As a solo eclectic witch and rootworker with over 30 years of magickal experience, my answer is "YES!"  

If that's you, I'd love for you to take this masterclass, titled BANISHING MAGICK MASTERCLASS"  

This course is non- denominational, and requires no initiation. I have studied various spiritual paths, and completed many rituals which have taught me that MAGICK EXISTS, and the main things an a new witch needs are intention and confidence.  


  • Masterclass Video Replay
  • Accompanying Workbook
  • Membership in Marie Lizzeau's Queen Up Club on Facebook

One Time Payment of $47