One-on-One Witch Mentorship Sessions and
Tarot Readings with Aunt Carla To Help You
Develop Your Magickal Powers


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Introducing The Witchy Tea Sessions!

Many of you have been asking for one-on-one time with an Elder Witch to:

✨ Get a tarot reading

✨ Get an experienced witch’s perspective

✨ Ask a notebook full of questions

✨ Receive a private lesson

I am excited to announce my new mini-mentorship program, the Witchy Tea Sessions!

Witchy Tea Sessions are available in 60 minute live sessions, recorded via Zoom.

During mentorship sessions, I will answer your questions, suggest books and resources, and give you a homework assignment if needed. Each student who signs up for a mentorship session will receive one of my masterclasses as a BONUS (regularly $47).

Mentorship Topics include:

✨ Developing Your Powers

✨ Candle Magick

✨ Spellcraft Consultation

✨ Ancestor Contact

What This Is:

💚 Dedicated time for us to discuss your questions on various magickal topics. I expect you to come prepared with an agenda so that our time together is productive as possible.

What this is NOT:

❌ Spellwork done on your behalf
❌ Therapy
❌ A Gossip session

All magickal denominations are welcome, regardless of race, gender, and sexual orientation.

My “No Hexes or Exes” policy still applies. Any requests for spells to get your ex back, or place a curse on someone else will be rejected.

What Other Students Say:

Hi! I'm Aunt Carla

Aunt Carla is an Elder Witch, teacher, blogger, and spiritual practitioner of over 30 years. While Hoodoo was the foundation of her craft, her knowledge of astrology, tarot, and crystals have expanded her magickal tool box.

She is also the High Priestess of the Red Soulflower School of Magick,  where she teach self-actualization through magick, metaphysics, psychology, and the Law of Attraction. She's known as the Self-Help Witch as she prefers to teach you “how to use magick to help yo’SELF”.

In her Sunday School Magickal Masterclasses, she has taught 20+ topics from Prosperity to Protection to Shadow Work.

She has written on magickal topics for Medium.com, Witchology Magazine, WitchWithMe.com and WitchSwap.com.

She is the host of the Conjure Craft podcast, and co-host of the Witch and Woo podcast with Empress ChaChanna. She has been featured on Witch Witch Me TV, The Basic Witches Podcast, One Boss Witch Podcast, Empowered Modern Witches Summit, and other media outlets.

Her Marie Lizzeau brand is well-known for its popular “100% That Witch” and “Hex Racism” t-shirts.